Spring Cummulative Final Study Materials


Monday May 4 - Tests of Significance Mean & Proportion; Sampling Survey Vocabulary

Friday May 8 - Bivariate Categorical Probability, Mathematical Modeling Excel Vocabulary (Part One required, Part Two optional)

Friday May 15 - Bivariate Data Analysis, Confidence Intervals, Univariate Analysis


SECTION ONE: Vocabulary - Students should know all of the following terms learned throughout the school year.  The style of test will be similar to past midterm exams.  This series of short vocabulary tests will be scattered among the various days of finals testing. 

Symbols Practice Test

Sampling Survey Vocabulary

Excel vocabulary definitions will match those provided in the hand-outs.

Key Terms:        Lesson One         Lesson Two         Lesson Three      Lesson Four   

       Lesson Five             Lesson Six         Lesson Seven         Lesson Eight   

Chase's Quizlet For Excel Vocab!!!

Andres' Quizlet For Sampling Survey Vocab!!!

SECTION TWO: Financial Functions - Students should review all of the applications that appeared on past midterms.  The three practice exams below have been distributed in class earlier in the year.  Answers are provided below in annotated Excel worksheets.  At least one more practice exam will be distributed in class in the last week of April.


Note: Answer to Practice Test B #8 NPV = $1,281,392  (Use 9%, not 8%)

Here's more instructional materials for your review of financial functions.  This practice was provided earlier in the semester. 

Practice Problems ANSWERS For Tests #1 & #2 EXCEL File                      

Practice Test #1 ANSWERS PDF File

Practice Test #2 ANSWERS PDF File


(Four Versions - Two Versions Match The Answers Below, The Others Have Answers Provided In Class)

PRACTICE TEST (#1 1980 CPI Question)

PRACTICE TEST (#1 - $40,000 Bond)

PRACTICE TEST (#1 - $575,000 Loan)

SECTION THREE: Mathematical Modeling 

Students should be prepared to use data from a web resource, and forecast future values for the dependent variable using linear, exponential, power, logarithmic and quadratic models.  Be prepared to report: (1) the coefficient of determination (R-squared), (2) the model equation in context, (3) the value of the independent variable ("X") that corresponds to a future date, and (4) evaluate the equation to determine the forecasted value as of the date provided.  This section of the final will be identical in format to the spring midterms.  Data may be provided annually or quarterly.  Practice data are provided in the Excel file posted below.  Answers will be provided in class.

Modeling Practice Data

SECTION FOUR: Univariate Describe Distributions Students should be prepared to describe a distribution of data.  The format of this exam will be identical to the fall semester exams.

NEW Data Analysis Practice Test 1 & 2

Answers Practice Tests 1 & 2 Excel File    

 Practice Test #1 PDF File   Practice Test #2 PDF File 

SECTION FIVE: Bivariate Analysis (Dropped due to time constraints) - Students should review the following practice questions and answers.  The format of the exam will be identical to that of the fall final.  

Bivariate Data Analysis Practice Questions & Answers EXCEL Spreadsheet

Bivariate Data Analysis Practice Questions & Answers PDF Version

PRACTICE TEST #2 (see Board for answers)

SECTION SIX: Probability - Students should be prepared to know the basic probability rules, be able to calculate probabilities from a normal  population distribution or a normal sampling distribution, and calculate expected value for a simple set of discrete probabilities.  The format of this section of the exam will match the fall final.

Basic Rules, Normal Curves & Expected Value Practice Test #2

Answers Probability Test #2 EXCEL                Answers Probability Test #2 PDF

Basic Rules, Normal Curves & Expected Value Practice Test #1

Answers Probability Test #1 EXCEL                   Answers Probability Test #1 PDF

Here's some practice conditional and marginal probability problems using table data. 

Conditional and Marginal Probabilities (Categorical Bivariate Data)

Answers for Conditional & Marginal Probabilities (EXCEL File)

Answers for Conditional & Marginal Probabilities (PDF File)

Here's some more practice normal probability problems.


SECTION SEVEN: Inference Procedures - Students should prepare for questions involving confidence intervals (mean and proportion) on the day of the final.  Students will complete the final for one-sample tests of significance (means and proportions); and two-sample test of significance (mean only) as separate stand-alone tests on days to be determined in May.   Advanced students will earn extra final points for performing a Chi Square goodness-of-fit test.  Here's materials to review of all of these materials. 


Answers & Calculations For Wednesday Test (Excel File From Friday Review)

 Instructional Inference Materials: Here's the two tests of significance that we went over in class.  The first link is a word file with the questions.  The second link is the Excel file that we went over in class.  

Introductory Questions, One Mean Test & One Proportion Test 

Test of Significance Mean & Proportion One Sample EXCEL File

As requested, I've created PDFs from the Excel Instructional file.  They have been orgaized by mean and proportion.


Before Starting Details           Step One Details           Step Two Details


Before Starting Details          Step One Details            Step Two Details


Four-Step Iinference Procedure Forms - Here are the forms that will be provided on the final.

Inference Forms EXCEL File 

Confidence Interval, One Sample Mean 

Confidence Interval, One Sample Proportion

Test of Significance, One Sample Mean

Test of Significance, One Sample Proportion

Test of Significance, Two Sample, Difference of  Means

Chi Square Goodness of Fit Form

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