Week #3 (3/30-4/3, 2020) - Remote Learning Assignments

Greetings GHC DECA Leaders:

I hope you and your families are all safe and sound.  We enter the third week of remote instruction with some clearer direction and the knowledge that we will not return to the classroom in April.  Here’s the assignments for the week and a couple general announcements.

COMING ATTRACTION - LIVE INSTRUCTION!!  The school is establishing a more structured calendar after Spring Break - one component of which will include live ("synchronous”) instruction (likely two twenty-minute live class sessions per week per class).  To prepare us for the synchronous instruction component, I will likely schedule a class session on Google Hangout or Zoom later this week.  This first session will focus on the digital logistics but it will also provide an opportunity to ask questions and get additional class support.  I have some ideas but if you have suggestions on how we might best use this time together, I’m all ears.  There is no precedence for what we’re doing here so all ideas are worth throwing out there.

AVAILABLE BY EMAIL EVERYDAY: Email remains the quickest and most efficient means for us to communicate.  I am available most of the regular school day.  If you need me to be available in real time for more interactive communication, I’ve established "office hours”.  This week, you can reach me Monday and Wednesday between 8:30-11:00pm.  I’m happy to schedule appointments in other windows of time as well.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: With us not touching base everyday, I’ve decided to post assignments on Google classroom.  These instructions will be identical to those posted on the website and in the emails I send to you.  Refer to my email today (Monday March 30) for the Google class code.

ASSIGNMENT GRADES ARE POSTED: Grades are posted for the first two weeks of remote instruction. If you see anything that’s not right, drop me an email and it’s easily corrected.  If you need an extension, just reach out and we’ll work around any limits you are encountering.  Flexibility is the theme these days.  If you see NTI (“not turned in”), that indicates you didn’t complete the assignment and it counts the same as a “0”.  When people contact me and need additional time, I record EXT (“extended time”) until they are able to make up the work and this score designation does not impact the overall grade percentage.


Complete Two Knowledge Matters Lessons 

“Customer Service: Front Desk” & “Customer Service: Social Media Feedback" 

One Due Wednesday, April 1  5:00pm   &   One Due Thursday, April 2  5:00pm

Expect one more assignment later this week - TBD.

IMPORTANT CLASS NOTE: Advanced Business Management students will start lessons from Competition University when we return from Spring Break.  Please email me right away if you do not have the graphic organizer for taking notes, entitled “All-In-One Entrepreneurship Exam Prep”.  I have extra copies and can mail them to your residence if needed.  For now, you just need to be sure that you have the booklet.


Week #2 (3/23-27/2020) - Remote Learning Assignments

This week, you’ll complete two more KM Hotel lessons.  Expect the reading quizzes to be a little longer after the third lesson (20 questions instead of 10).  Later this week, I will have an Entrepreneurship lesson to share that  will advance your college and career preparedness. 

Complete Knowledge Matters Lesson “Marketing & Public Relations” 

Due Wednesday,  March 25  5:00pm 

Complete Knowledge Matters Lesson “Customer Service: Front Desk” 

Due Friday,  March 27  5:00pm 





Week #1 (3/16-20/2020) - Remote Learning Assignments

This week, you will complete modifications to your LinkedIn profiles, and complete the first two lessons in the Knowledge Matters (KM) Hotel simulation.  For those absent on Friday (March 13), please add the following course code to your Knowledge Matters accounts.


Each KM lesson will require you to complete a reading quiz, math quiz and simulation training (same as past KM simulation units) .  Minimum scores for the reading quiz have been set to 70% for the reading quiz and 60% for the simulation training (automatic retake if you get less).  You will take the math quiz but this score will not influence your weekly grade.  We will revisit some of these math topics in future week(s) of remote instruction. 

Here’s the first two lessons to complete this week.  These assignments will be due at midnight on Sunday March 22, 2020.  

Lesson #1 - Pricing & Revenue Management

Lesson #2 - Group Sales

ASSESSMENT NOTES: For continuity, the GHC administration has asked teachers to post one and only one grade for each week of remote instruction.  As we discussed in class, the first week grade will be based on an assessment of your LinkedIn profiles.  After the first week, your weekly grade will be based on an aggregated average of your scores for the week and will be posted a couple days after the due date.  My plan is to segregate the weekly grades for remote learning weeks and weight them proportionately with the number of weeks that GHC is closed for live instruction.  This approach will benefit most students’ grades.  I reserve the option of modifying these grade guidelines for accuracy and fairness on a case-by-case basis.  Know that my overarching philosophy will be to give students the benefit of the doubt in light of these unprecedented events.  

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