Lesson #6 Moral Decisions About Driverless Cars

Lesson#6 Buying A Car - Driverless Cars

Lesson #4 - Better Conversations (eg Roommates)

Lesson #4 - Less Stuff = More Happiness

Lesson #3 - Crypto Currency

Lesson #2: Career Selection  & Best Hire Doesn’t Always Get Job

Lesson #1: Time Management Ted Talk 

EMMA  - Bond Data and Documentation

Bond Laddering Video #1

First Follower: Leadership Lessons From Dancing Guy

David Logan: Tribal Leadership

Intuit Education Program

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Could This Hologram Headset Replace Your Cubicle

#1 Video on LinkedIn

Linked In Video Suggestions

Intro To LinkedIn

Top Seven Ways To Improve Profile

Good Overview of Top Five LinkedIn

EBVAL: The Joy of Stats 

UBI World Rankings 2015 Video (LACI honored 11:50-12:40)

Perils of PollingPolls have long been the gold standard for assessing politicians, elections and voter concerns. They haven’t been shining lately. Almost every poll missed the true voter support for Donald Trump, the Republican candidate who won the U.S. presidency. This followed failures to predict the clear victory of the “leave” camp in the U.K. referendum on whether to stay in the European Union and the rejection of the Colombian peace deal with rebels. In 2015, polls were wrong on outcomes in Israel, the U.K. and Greece; in 2014 predictions were far off the mark in the Scottish independence referendum and the U.S. congressional elections. These bungles have undermined the industry’s claim to scientific rigor and cast doubts on its methodology, including its handling of the switch away from landline phones. Can poll crafters devise a new formula that delivers more accurate results in this no-time-to-spare mobile era?

?????The Quantified Self: Data Gone Wild?   Take a look at these new technologies that allow people to keep track and quantify every detail of their daily lives.  It's a growing movement called “quantified self.”  The personal data gathered is often health-related, but there are applications to measure productivity and time spent in REM sleep. Is this data gone wild?  Mr. Nelson believes its just the beginning of a generational shift in the use of BIG DATA.

"Quantified Self" Presentation On Weight Loss Strategies  Matthew Ames is a communications manager for a multinational bank and a member of the "Quantified Self" movement.  At the end of 2012, he had a problem: he was about 50 pounds overweight.  To reach his weight loss goals, Ames credits using apps and devices--like Weight Watchers and a wi-fi scale--to track his diet, behavior, and exercise regimen. 

A Face in the Crowd: Say goodbye to anonymity   See Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes show us how your face is DATA, and learn how this data is being used in marketing and law enforcement.

Khan Academy Log-In: SIGN UP NOW!!!!  Click here for ACCOUNT SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS.

Frontline Library: Excellent PBS series that investigates a wide array of academic fields. Here there are many videos connecting the applications of mathematics to business and finance.  These videos often expose chinks in the armor of our American economy.   "Inside The Meltdown" provides a good overview of the financial crisis of 2008.

Sixty Minutes: Prosecuting Wall Street:  Two whistleblowers offer a rare window into the root causes of the subprime mortgage meltdown. Eileen Foster, a former senior executive at Countrywide Financial, and Richard Bowen, a former vice president at Citigroup, tell Steve Kroft the companies ignored their repeated warnings about defective, even fraudulent mortgages. The result, experts say, was a cascading wave of mortgage defaults for which virtually no high-ranking Wall Street executives have been prosecuted.

Business Statistics Excel 2010 Videos: Excellent series of videos describing nearly all Excel skills performed in Business Statistics.  Mr. Girvin's instruction is well differentiated with plentiful tasks that will chanllenge  the strongest students aptly mixed with detailed plain language explanations of core material that all students must master in Business Statistis.  Courtesy of Slaying Excel Dragons (Michael Girvin, Highland CC) 

CNBC Explains: Instructional videos provide real time information on finance, investing and the global economy.  "We (at CNBC) are pleased to feature the work of Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy and a whiz at making arcane topics easy to understand. We'll also be featuring reporting by anchors and editors around CNBC."

Against All Odds: Though somewhat dated (produced in the early 1980s), this series of twenty-six videos remains a good overview of topics present in most introductory statistics courses.  Many of these videos are incorporated into the Business Statistics course.  An unrelated website has created a more detailed inventory of topics by time  so specific content can be more easily identified in each video.   

???? Sixth-Annual Global Summit on Financial Literacy: Overview of international trend toward increased efforts to promote financial literacy.

Excel Is Fun Videos:  A library with 2,000 Excel How to Videos and 50 Playlists of Excel Videos.  Come to the excelisfun Channel to search for videos or watch playlists of videos that can teach you Excel from beginning to end.  To learn Excel from beginning to end, watch the Slaying Excel Dragons playlist.  Learn Excel formulas, functions, array formulas, Charts, PivotTables, Data Storage, Data Analysis and much more - all for free.  Check out the different playlists of videos! 

Excel Is Fun Workbooks to download:

Breaking Apart A PDF: Jake Chipps of GHCHS fame contributed this helpful video that shows how to extract a subset of pages from a multi-page PDF.  Thank you Jake.

Six Great Videos On Teaching Critical Thinking

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