Methods Outline - Inquiry Proposal Form #5 

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Startified Random Sample Explained Video

Stratified Random Sample - Strata = Ethnic Identity

Mr. Nelson Lecture   - Moving From Literature Review to Replicable Aligned Research

Methods Section Outline

Mr. Nelson Lecture  Methods Section - Outline of Minimum Requirements

Mr. Nelson Lecture  AP Research - Sampling Survey Design

Experimental Design Materials

Against All Odds Video - Begin At 4:00 Mark

Khan Academy Video - Finance Guy Introduces Experimental Design

Khan Academy Video  - Matched Pairs Experimental Design

What is An Experiment? - Stat Trek

Advanced Experimental Design Topics - Excellent Resource For Intermediate & Advanced Design Topics

Experimental Design Terms - Yale

Experimental Design Terminology Hand-out - Penn St.

Ethical Considerations

Ethical Guidelines For Statistical Research  

Institutional Review Board for Social & Behavioral Sciences - Types of Harm (UVA site) 

Institutional Review Board for Social & Behavioral Sciences - Vulnerable Participants (UVA site)

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