HIGHTLIGHT TWO: Business Statistics is a project driven course.

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In all projects, students can choose topics that interest them.  Business is a broad umbrella.  Nearly any career, college major, club activity, sport or personal interest can be incorporated into the project requirements.   Projects have been designed to closely emulate actual statistical tasks in the workplace.  Students use real data collected and managed by themselves. Here students learn attention to detail.  Technological coordination of Word, Powerpoint and Excel generates exceptional reports, graphics and statistical analyses. 

As an example, students research graphic data displays in corporate annual reports, and then are assigned the task of improving these professional displays to better communicate the message of the company.  The culminating project for the fall semester requires students to write a data analysis report in an executive summary format. In the spring semester, student groups perform statistical studies on a wide range of topics: marketing studies performed for film students; taste tests for the school's cafeteria administration; prevelance of philanthropy in the student community; and student attitudes regarding the school issues. 

2012-3 Student Work Highlights

TASTE TESTing Study For Cafeteria Administrators 

Demand Study PLANNER Usage For Counseling Administrators

2013 FILM Marketing Studies For Mr. Crossley's Students

ZOMBIE Calculator: Are you a tech zombie?


EXpanding EXcel To ENglish

2011-2 Student Work Highlights

2011-12 Class Portfolio of Student Work

Executive Summary Reports  Portfolio of Student Work

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