AP Research Advice From Graduating Seniors

AP Research Seniors Give Advice To Seminar Juniors

AP Capstone Exit Survey


Final Paper Due March 31 - Produce Final Versions In Word (Mr. Wolf and Mr. Nelson highly recommend)

Sample Histogram For Findings Section - Better than verbally describing data distributions.

Updated Notes From My Weekend Reading

Mr. Wolf’s Checklists By Report Section

Introduction Checklist

Methods Checklist

Findings, Analysis, Results Checklist

Conclusion Checklist

Presentations Begin First Week of April

Using First Person In An Academic Essay - When Is It OK?    - One-page overview on when it’s OK to use I, my.

Academic Literature Review Presentation Checklist

Challenge and Opportunity in Evaluating a Diffusion-Based Active Bystanding Prevention Program: Green Dot in High Schools 

Draft Academnic Paper Due March 17 - This draft must be 5,000 words, and must include all of these elements fully composed - Introduction, Academic Literature Review, Methods Section, Findings, and Conclusion.  It is not your “first” or "second draft, but rather a draft near the final submission. It must be suitable for meaningful peer editing - clunky writing for a paragraph or two is OK, but nothing more than that.  

Deborah’s Data

Ruby’s Data

Ruby’s Foundational Sources

Changing Attitudes About Being A Bystander To Violence

Methods (Methods, Procedures, Measures Pages 167-170)

Tables (Pages 174; 176-178) 

Challenge and Opportunity in Evaluating a Diffusion-Based Active Bystanding Prevention Program: Green Dot in High Schools 

(Data Collection Strategy (Page 1187-1188)

Academic Literature Review Presentation Checklist

Table (Pages 452-455)

AP Research

Ivan’s Monday Class Example

Bria’s Monday Class Example

Statistical Findings Worksheet

Inference Instruction - Excel Spreadsheet

Test of Significance Mean Form

Test of Significance Proportion Form

Confidence Interval Mean Form

Confidence Interval Proportion Form

Chi Square Form


Processing & Organizing Your Data In Excel Worksheets

Chi Square Tests Example Excel

Solid Khan Video On Chi Suqare Test May Help Some

eHow: How to Use the Likert Scale in Statistical Analysis

How To Use Data, Artificial Scales (e.g. Likert)

Jamie’s Survey

Diane’s Survey

Methods Outline Assignment

DUE  Friday, December 2 - Literature Review Final Oral Presentations

DUE Tuesday November 29 - Survey Instruments - Color Survey, Response Sheet, & Excel Worksheet

Survey Outline Example

Example: Final Results

Word Format Outline of Methods Section

Methods Vocabulary


Academic Research Databases 

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Purpose of Guide

Institutional Review Board

Decision Tree: Do I need an IRB?

Sample High School IRB

IMG 7982

Course Introduction Materials

2016 AP Research Student Workbook 

2016 AP Research Course & Exam Description

Moving From Preliminary Research To Literature Review

Research Notecard Template (Google Doc)

Mr. Nelson’s Opening Comments

IMG 7850

Bibliography & Literature Review Materials

Writing A Literature Review (Thank you University of the Fraser Valley)

Academic Writing Template

Annotated Bibliography Video

Purdue OWL Annotated Bibliographies

IMG 7843

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LOCSH) 

LCSH - Link To Alphabetical PDF Files 

LCSH - On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

Using The LOCSH Headings To Begin The QUEST!!

IMG 8034

Owl Purdue On-Line Writing Lab:  

MLA Formatting & Style Guide

(Good source for proper MLA citation.)


IMG 8036

Paraphrasing Lesson Materials 

Learn Paraphrase Writing - Basic presentation of six strategies commonly employed in paraphrasing text.  Courtesy of eslwriting.org 

That’s Plagiarism?: Teaching Paraphrase Skills to Pre-university Students -  Strategies for paraphrasing. Courtesy busyteacher.org 

How to Avoid Plagiarism: Paraphrasing and Summarizing Short interactive lesson that provides feedback on students’ assessment of whether a paraphrase is acceptable or would be plagiarism.  May have issues on school’s servers.  Courtesy busyteacher.org 

Stop, Thief! Avoiding Plagiarism by Paraphrasing Video connects plagiarism and the need to learn how to paraphrase.  Emphasizes two steps of paraphrasing - summarizing the main idea of a source, and using a 1/3 to 2/3 rule.  Courtesy Emily Nimsakont

Powerpoint: Being An Effective Communicator 

Powerpoint TED Talk Video 

Powerpoint Advice: Funny Video On What Not To Do

Having Fun With Quizlets 

Official Capstone Vocabulary 

Logical Fallacies

Rhetorical/Language Devices

Deep Reading Strategies

Adler's Four Reading Strategies  (As presented by artofmanliness.com)

Adler On Why So Long To Read A Book

Adler On How To Speak And Listen

Adler On Picking A Book Above Your Head

Statistics Materials

Coming Soon!!!!

(Fall 2016 Assignments, Data Descriptions & Text Resources: Wordle, Methods Section, Inference Forms, Inference Outline)


Presentation Tips

Six Great Videos On Teaching Critical Thinking



AP Capstone Digital Portfolio Account Set-up



 Student Account Set-up Instructions


SAMPLE Individual Research Reports (IWA)

Performance Task Two

SAMPLE Individual Research Reports (IRR)

IRR #1 Health problems & Classroom Technologies (4,6)

IRR #2 Nuclear Energy (4)

IRR #4 Politics & Overpopulation Highlighted (4,6)

IRR#5 Ecoterrorism (6) 

IRR #6 Economic Implications of Media Bias (4,6)

IRR #7 Mishandling of Sexual Assault Cases (4,6)

SAMPLE Written Team Research Reports (WTR)

WTR#1 Legalizing Theft In America (6)

WTR #2 Genetic Engineering (4)

WTR #4 Sir Veilance (6)

WTR #5 Genetically Modified Food (4)

WTR #7 Ticking Time Bomb Ocean Acidification (6,4)

WTR#8 College Admissions Highlighted (4,A

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