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Knowledge Matters Account Creation

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Session 1B

Chapter Elections

Class Survey

Asychronous Assignments Week #1 - Due August __, 2020

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #1: “Spotting The Opportunity"


Session 2A

Session 2B

Asychronous Assignments Week #2 - Due August __, 2020

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #2: “Market Research"

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #3: “Creating A Business Plan - Basics

DECA DAY #1 - Chapter Elections


Session 3A

Session 3B

Asychronous Assignments Week #3 - Due September __, 2020

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #4: “Creating a Business Plan - Financials"

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #5: “The Elevator Pitch


Session 4A

Session 4B

Asychronous Assignments Week #4 - Due September __, 2020

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #6: “Making the Plunge - Name, Location, Form of Business"

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #7: “Making the Plunge - Form of Business & Taxes"

DECA DAY #2 - Chapter Campagns


Session 5A

Session 5B

Asychronous Assignments Week #5 - Due September __, 2020

Knowledge MattersEntrepreneurship Lesson #8: “Raising Money & Financials - Savings and Bank Loans"

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #9: “Raising Money & Financials - Selling Shares/Venture Capital"


Session 6A

Session 6B

Asychronous Assignments Week #6 - Due September __, 2020

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #10: “Building A Team"

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #11: “Acquiring Resources"

DECA DAY #3 - DECA Stock Market Game


Session 7A

Session 7B

Asychronous Assignments Week #7 - Due October __, 2020

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #12: “Going to Market - Basics"

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #13: “Going to Market - Growth!"


Session 8A

Session 8B

Asychronous Assignments Week #8 - Due October __, 2020

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #14: “Operations & Feedback - Work Flow & Feedback"

Knowledge Matters Entrepreneurship Lesson #15: “Operations & Feedback - Risk Management"



The final is comprised of two parts - Knowledge Matters Hotel Cumulative Assessment and Buy A Bond Unit Assessment.  Both exams are Socrative - mostly multiple choice with some true/false.  These exact questions have all been previously addressed in Zoom lectures and/or in asynchronous lesson materials.  To study for the exam, go to the following Socrative rooms.

Knowledge Matters Hotel Cumulative Assessment = Socrative Room GHCDF1

 Buy A Bond Unit Assessment = Socrative Room GHCDF2

Attendance at the final exam is mandatory.  Students failing to take the final assessments will receive an NTI for both exams (counts as a zero in the grade calculation.)  Together, these exams will account for about 5% of the student’s overall grade percentage. Students will take these exams during the proctored live session as scheduled below. If you cannot attend class that day and/or time, please contact Mr. Nelson in advance. Expect make-up times will be scheduled between 7-8am during the remaining days of finals week.

DECA Leadership Final

Wednesday June 3 - 10:30am-11:30am.

MAKE-UP Socrative Rooms Now Posted For Assignments Originally Due April 18 - May 22.

Career 123 Personality Test

Complete this career personality test   123 Career Test   Then Complete Socrative Exit Survey  Room  = GHCDH1

Knowledge Matters Hotel Simulation Lessons #8-10 plus 3 Hours Hotel Mogul Sim Active Engagement

LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, May 20 - Buy A Bond Unit Part Three

Go to Socrative Room GHCDF2 to complete the exit quiz.  Note that this quiz will be retaken as part of the final exam.

Previous Class Videos For Your Review:  Bond Ladders  &  Yield To Worst Video 

Coming Soon:  “We’re All Data Scientists    Jose Andres’ GWU Graduation Address


Asynchronous Assignment:  Three More Career Surveys To Complete - Note that Week #10 will be devoted to study time for the final (scheduled for June 1-5), and to complete remaining make-up work including this week’s assignments.

#1 - Complete The TypeFinder for Career Planning Assessment

Then Record Your Results in the assigned Socrative Room


Periods Three & Four - SOCRATIVE ROOM GHCDP2 

#2 - Complete Career Personality Profiler Assessment

Then Record Your Results in the assigned Socrative Room


Periods Three & Four - SOCRATIVE ROOM GHCDP4 

#3 - Complete Photo Career Quiz Assessment

Then Record Your Results in the assigned Socrative Room


Periods Three & Four - SOCRATIVE ROOM GHCDF4 

Please Review the GHC LATE WORK POLICY

Due May 22, 2020: Students will be able to submit work which was due between March 16 and April 17. Students are able to earn full credit based on criteria met and successful completion of the assignment. Students are still held to the GHC Integrity Policy.

Due May 29, 2020: Students will be able to submit work due between April 20 and May 19. Students are able to earn full credit based on criteria met and successful completion of the assignment. Students are still held to the GHC Integrity Policy.

Work assigned after May 19, 2020 must be on time for students to earn full credit based on criteria met and successful completion of the assignment.

Here are the Socrative Rooms for Make-up Assignments:  

Comp U KPI Notes “Knowledge Management & Project Management” = GHCDH3

Knowledge Matters Lessons #1-6


Asynchronous Assignment:  Knowledge Matters “Hotel Mogul Project”

Run the Hotel Simulation for Three Hours &

Then “SUBMIT" Your Progress By Friday, May 15  11:59pm (midnight)

All will compete but who will WIN? Big Point Bonuses For The Top Performers!!

Once you have spent three hours running the Hotel Simulation, you should submit your simulation results - even if you have not reached the 85 Balanced Scorecard Goal. The Knowledge Matters softward allows teachers to see every click or lack of click you make (pretty sophisticated stuff).  So please don’t try to fake it by just logging in as that will only show three hours with no activity or setting changes - that will earn no points.  In addition, each of your simulation runs are saved in the system for teachers to review. 

Grades will be assigned based on the following metrics.  



Here’s a quick preview of the Hotel Simulation. Refer to the lesson simulations for additional guidance on how to adjust simulation settings.

STEP ONE: In this Hotel simulation, you will manage all aspects of the hotel including:

  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Banquet and Meeting Operations
  • Housekeeping
  • Front Desk
  • Group Sales Bids

Your hotel is just opening and will need to have all aspects of its operations set up.  Most settings are under the "Actions” tab in the upper right hand corner of the window (Actions>>).  If you encounter trouble setting up some elements of the hotel, don’t worry about it - just do your best for three hours, and have some fun seeing what you can get to work.  YOU CAN'T BREAK IT!! GO FOR IT!!

If you find these Simulation exercises difficult, then consider setting up just the restaurant and front desk staffing first. Setting the menu pricing for the restaurant and using their scheduler tool are two of the more intuitive features.  Then run the simualtion and see how you do.  Again BE AGGRESSIVE at making changes and you’ll get a good grade.   

STEP TWO: You should refer to the Actions>>"Market Data Report" to determine the characteristics of the demand for your hotel. This report includes data that can help your decision making in both your lodging operations and your food and beverage operations.

In this project, you may run the simulation for long enough to take advantage of the seasonal trends in the hotel industry. Information is as seen in the "Group Demand Seasonal Trends" graph on the Actions>>"Market Data Report". As well, you can refer to the special events listed on the Actions>>"Front Desk" calendar month by month to determine your busy season for special events.

LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, May 6 

CLASS VIDEOS: Go to Google Classroom to view the recording of today’s lesson on purchasing  bonds.  No follow-up Socrative exit quiz today.

LIVE SESSION: Monday, May 4

 CLASS VIDEOS:  Investing Basics: Bonds (3:55)  AND Shedding Light on the Bond Buying Porcess - Isn’t It Time (4:40)


Complete The Last Knowledge Matters Lesson 

“Monitoring Competitors” 

Due Friday, May 8  11:59pm (midnight)

Students Take the 123 Career Test

Then Complete A Socrative Follow-up Survey


MAKE-UP COMP U ASSIGNMENTS: If you need to make-up the first KPI submission, go to Socrative room GHCDH3.  The second KPI submission is posted in GHCDF1.  

NOTE: These Socrative rooms will be closed after this week as we need the space for future assessments.  Special arrangements will need to be made with Mr. Nelson to make up these assignments after this week.




LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, April 29

CLASS VIDEO:  Can data tracking curtail the Coronavirus pandemic?  

No Socrative Follow-up Survey For This Lesson

LIVE SESSION: Monday, April 27

CLASS VIDEO:  The Computer Algorithm that was among the first to detect Coronavirus


LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, April 22   

CLASS VIDEO: Mathematics of Epidemics | Trish Campbell | TEDxYouth@Frankston  Bill Gates March 2015


Complete Two Knowledge Matters Lessons 

“Operations: Housekeeping” & “Financial Reports” 

Both Due Friday, May 1  11:59pm (midnight)

Review LinkedIn Tip Sheets Below - Identify Ways To Improve Your Profile

 LinkedIn Profile Checklist for High School Students  

LinkedIn Tip Sheet - Building A Great Student Profile

LinkedIn Tip Sheet - How to Communicate Effectively On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Tip Sheet - Building Your Personal Brand

LinkedIn Tip Sheet - Tailoring Your Profile To Meet Your Goals

LinkedIn Tip Sheet - How to Communicate Effectively on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Tip Sheet - Alumni Tool


Complete One Knowledge Matters Lesson 

“Operations: Banquets & Meetings” 

Due Friday, April 24  11:59pm (midnight)

GO TO Competition University:  Unit = BMAClusterExamPrep

Go To: “Business Management and Administration Core Resources"

Complete Lessons:  “Quality Management” & "Risk Management” 

Complete KPI Worksheet in Socrative Room ****

Socrative Submission Due Friday, April 24  11:59pm (midnight)

 If you need to make-up LinkedIn Lesson #3, go to Socrative room ***.


Live Session #2 - Wednesday April 15, 2o2o

REVIEW - Presentation Slides April 13 Live Session

VIDEO #1 - Start Your Career - LinkedIn For Students

VIDEO #2 - LinkedIn For Students Top Five Profile To Dos

VIDEO #3 - LinkedIn Community: A Superpower Hiding in Plain Sight (Sandra Long 5/19)

SOCRATIVE ROOMS - Socrative windows will be opened 15 minutes into each session.

Period One - Complete culminating activity in room GHCDH3



Complete One Knowledge Matters Lesson 

“Operations: Restaurant & Culinary” 

Due Friday, April 17  11:59pm (midnight)

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 4.13.20 PM

GO TO Competition University:  Unit = BMAClusterExamPrep

Go To: "Business Management and Administration Core Resources"

Complete Lessons:  "Knowledge Management" &  "Project Management” 

Complete KPI Worksheet in Socrative Room - GHCDH3

Socrative Submission Due Friday, April 17  11:59pm (midnight)


Complete One Knowledge Matters Lessons 

“Monitoring Competitors” 

Both Due Friday, May 8  11:59pm (midnight)

Review LinkedIn Materials Below - Job Seeking Tips

LinkedIn Job Seeker Part #1

LinkedIn Job Seeker Part #2

LinkedIn Job Seeker Part #3


Largely A Repost of Email Sent Friday April 3:

. . . The following paragraphs will share what you need to know as we prepare for a more structured schedule when school returns from spring break. Please read the entire email carefully.  You need this information.  Try to enjoy your indoor spring breaks as much as possible, and BE SAFE!  Mr. Nelson

Spring Break: No change here. No work will be assigned over spring break next week.  We return to school on Monday April 13.

Make-up Opportunity For Work Missed In The First 3 Weeks: Given the circumstances, I am allowing all students to make-up work missed during the first three weeks of remote instruction. Knowledge Matters allows you access to these lessons at any time. Please email me when you submit this make-up work so I know to update your grade.

Quick Note To You Seniors: I feel bad for you all being robbed of your grand finales in secondary education.  It will give you something to tell your grandchildren about. And know that you will tell your grandchildren about this event and your experiences living through it.  As an aside (not a class requirement), I encourage you to keep a diary of thoughts as we go through the coming weeks.  In some way record your thoughts to share with future generations. Trust me your memories will not be as strong when you have grandchildren (observation of an old guy). I cheer the GBF class of 2020!!  A class of big achievement and great resilience!!

LAUNCH Guided Instructional Plan:  The school will continue to send "big picture" details but here's an outline of what Advanced Business Management will look like after the break. 

Preview of Mandatory Live Instruction: Here's the big change for us. GHC will require every class to have two live class sessions of twenty minutes each; period one ABM sessions will start at 2:30pm on Mondays and 10:30am on Wednesdays.  Expect these sessions will involve: (1) a five-minute welcome including a review of student protocol and student question time; (2) a lecture or video of about 10-12 minutes; and (3) a short teacher wrap-up that will provide another opportunity to ask questions.  Most of the sessions will have a Socrative based follow-up assignment. That assignment will count toward the three hour asynchronous (independent) work requirement. More details on student expectations for these live sessions will be shared during break.

PLEASE NOTE THE SLIGHT CHANGE IN MEETING TIMES  (This schedule aligns with the published schedule below.)   Period one Advanced Business Management sessions will start at 2:30pm on Mondays and 10:30am on Wednesdays. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 1.16.43 PM

Asynchronous (aka Independent) Assignments After Spring Break:  Knowledge Matters has been working well for the class. That was expected given our past experience with KM and that it's designed for remote instruction.  I will continue to emphasize these highly refined materials that are designed for this form of instructional delivery.

Competition University will fill the balance of time but I have decided NOT to use the Entrepreneurship booklets distributed in class. Please keep them as a lovely parting gift - you will NOT need them for the class. Two reasons - #1 we may not meet in person again this semester; and #2 - a deeper dive into the Entrepreneurship unit revealed it was not as robust as the other Comp U units. I have identified a few individual lessons in other units that will serve our needs better.  You will complete the associated KPI note sheets in a Socrative room for accountability.  Comp U now saves some performance metrics that I also want to check out for the future.  Here's the window I see as a teacher.

Due Dates: No change here. Flexibility continues to be the theme.  Just continue to email me when you need additional time on any assignment or if you are unable to attend one of the live sessions.

Length of Time To Complete Independent Assignments:  The "asynchronous" (aka independent) instructional time of three hours will not change.  Previously, I've sought to assign work that has meaning for you but does not take more than three hours per week to complete (the mandated school standard) - that has not changed. 

Now we all know that no assignment takes everyone the same length of time to complete. It's a good example of spread in a distribution (remember from Business Statistics "Center, Shape, Spread & Outliers"). As the teacher, do I consider that a minimum number of hours where few spend less than three hours? Do I consider that an average number of hours where half of the students spend more than three hours and half do more than three hours?  Do I consider that a maximum number of hours where nearly all students spend less than three hours?  Since the school has not clarified this requirement, I have consciously decided to go with the last interpretation given the unprecedented circumstances. Let me know if you have concerns about the time any single assignment is taking you to complete.


ASSIGNMENTS - First Three Weeks of Remote Instruction


Week #3 (3/30-4/3, 2020) - Remote Learning Assignments

Greetings GHC DECA Leaders:

I hope you and your families are all safe and sound.  We enter the third week of remote instruction with some clearer direction and the knowledge that we will not return to the classroom in April.  Here’s the assignments for the week and a couple general announcements.

COMING ATTRACTION - LIVE INSTRUCTION!!  The school is establishing a more structured calendar after Spring Break - one component of which will include live ("synchronous”) instruction (likely two twenty-minute live class sessions per week per class).  To prepare us for the synchronous instruction component, I will likely schedule a class session on Google Hangout or Zoom later this week.  This first session will focus on the digital logistics but it will also provide an opportunity to ask questions and get additional class support.  I have some ideas but if you have suggestions on how we might best use this time together, I’m all ears.  There is no precedence for what we’re doing here so all ideas are worth throwing out there.

AVAILABLE BY EMAIL EVERYDAY: Email remains the quickest and most efficient means for us to communicate.  I am available most of the regular school day.  If you need me to be available in real time for more interactive communication, I’ve established "office hours”.  This week, you can reach me Monday and Wednesday between 8:30-11:00pm.  I’m happy to schedule appointments in other windows of time as well.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: With us not touching base everyday, I’ve decided to post assignments on Google classroom.  These instructions will be identical to those posted on the website and in the emails I send to you.  Refer to my email today (Monday March 30) for the Google class code.

ASSIGNMENT GRADES ARE POSTED: Grades are posted for the first two weeks of remote instruction. If you see anything that’s not right, drop me an email and it’s easily corrected.  If you need an extension, just reach out and we’ll work around any limits you are encountering.  Flexibility is the theme these days.  If you see NTI (“not turned in”), that indicates you didn’t complete the assignment and it counts the same as a “0”.  When people contact me and need additional time, I record EXT (“extended time”) until they are able to make up the work and this score designation does not impact the overall grade percentage.


Complete Two Knowledge Matters Lessons 

“Customer Service: Front Desk” & “Customer Service: Social Media Feedback" 

One Due Wednesday, April 1  5:00pm   &   One Due Thursday, April 2  5:00pm

Expect one more assignment later this week - TBD.

IMPORTANT CLASS NOTE: Advanced Business Management students will start lessons from Competition University when we return from Spring Break.  Please email me right away if you do not have the graphic organizer for taking notes, entitled “All-In-One Entrepreneurship Exam Prep”.  I have extra copies and can mail them to your residence if needed.  For now, you just need to be sure that you have the booklet.


Week #2 (3/23-27/2020) - Remote Learning Assignments

This week, you’ll complete two more KM Hotel lessons.  Expect the reading quizzes to be a little longer after the third lesson (20 questions instead of 10).  Later this week, I will have an Entrepreneurship lesson to share that  will advance your college and career preparedness. 

Complete Knowledge Matters Lesson “Marketing & Public Relations” 

Due Wednesday,  March 25  5:00pm 

Complete Knowledge Matters Lesson “Customer Service: Front Desk” 

Due Friday,  March 27  5:00pm 





Week #1 (3/16-20/2020) - Remote Learning Assignments

This week, you will complete modifications to your LinkedIn profiles, and complete the first two lessons in the Knowledge Matters (KM) Hotel simulation.  For those absent on Friday (March 13), please add the following course code to your Knowledge Matters accounts.


Each KM lesson will require you to complete a reading quiz, math quiz and simulation training (same as past KM simulation units) .  Minimum scores for the reading quiz have been set to 70% for the reading quiz and 60% for the simulation training (automatic retake if you get less).  You will take the math quiz but this score will not influence your weekly grade.  We will revisit some of these math topics in future week(s) of remote instruction. 

Here’s the first two lessons to complete this week.  These assignments will be due at midnight on Sunday March 22, 2020.  

Lesson #1 - Pricing & Revenue Management

Lesson #2 - Group Sales

ASSESSMENT NOTES: For continuity, the GHC administration has asked teachers to post one and only one grade for each week of remote instruction.  As we discussed in class, the first week grade will be based on an assessment of your LinkedIn profiles.  After the first week, your weekly grade will be based on an aggregated average of your scores for the week and will be posted a couple days after the due date.  My plan is to segregate the weekly grades for remote learning weeks and weight them proportionately with the number of weeks that GHC is closed for live instruction.  This approach will benefit most students’ grades.  I reserve the option of modifying these grade guidelines for accuracy and fairness on a case-by-case basis.  Know that my overarching philosophy will be to give students the benefit of the doubt in light of these unprecedented events.  

© Andrew Nelson 2012