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Quick Note To You Seniors: I feel bad for you all being robbed of your grand finales in secondary education.  It will give you something to tell your grandchildren about. And know that you will tell your grandchildren about this event and your experiences living through it.  As an aside (not a class requirement), I encourage you to keep a diary of thoughts as we go through the coming weeks.  In some way record your thoughts to share with future generations. Trust me your memories will not be as strong when you have grandchildren (observation of an old guy). I cheer the GBF class of 2020!!  A class of big achievement and great resilience!!

LAUNCH Guided Instructional Plan:  The school will continue to send "big picture" details but here's an outline of what AP Research will look like after the break. 

Preview of Mandatory Live Instruction: Here's the only change for us. GHC will require every class to have two live sessions of twenty minutes each or one 45-minute session.  To begin,  Zero Period AP Research will meet once per week on Wednesday between 9:30am-10:15am.  If these sessions prove productive, we can discuss logistics for other times.  Expect these sessions will involve: (1) a five-minute welcome including a review of student protocol and student question time; (2) a lecture that shares common themes and suggestions for completing the paper; and (3) a short wrap-up that will provide another opportunity to ask questions.  

Period Zero AP Research live sessions will start at 9:30am on Wednesdays, scheduled to end at 10:15am. 



Week #3 (3/30-4/3, 2020) - Remote Learning Assignments

Greetings AP Research Zero Period:

I hope you and your families are all safe and sound.  We enter the third week of remote instruction with some clearer direction - no Capstone Presentation this year, we will not return in April, and your papers are all heading in the right direction.  This week, you will continue to focus on your papers.  Last week each of you should have received an individual email with guidance on how to proceed and feedback on a variety of elements.  Deadlines for this work were assigned based on when I was able to complete the feedback process (March 30 for some, April 1 for others, April 2 for a couple).  

Please post your progress draft onto the Digital Portfolio by the submission deadline (see your individual email), and please send me an email that briefly outlines the work you have completed over the past week.  

COMING ATTRACTION - LIVE INSTRUCTION!!  The school is establishing a more structured calendar after Spring Break - one component of which will include live (“synchronous”) instruction (likely two twenty-minute live class sessions per week per class).  To prepare us for synchronous instruction, I will likely schedule a class session on Google Hangout or Zoom later this week.  This first session will focus on the digital logistics but it will also provide an opportunity to ask questions and get support from me and your Capstone peers.  If you have suggestions on how we might best use this time together, I’m all ears.  There is no precedence for what we’re doing here so all ideas are worth throwing out there.  Know that I do have some ideas of how we can use this time meaningfully.

AVAILABLE BY EMAIL EVERYDAY: Email remains the quickest and most efficient means for us to communicate.  I am available most of the regular school day.  If you need me to be available in real time for more interactive communication, I’ve established "office hours” that align with our regular class period (7:25-8:20am).  This week, you can reach me Wednesday, Thursday or Friday at that time.  I’m happy to schedule time in other windows of time - just let me know your availability and we’ll work something out to get you the support you need.

Best of luck with the start to your weeks and be safe,  Mr. Nelson




READ MAJOR UPDATE BELOW - AP Research Zero Period Email  Sent Morning MARCH 20, 2020 - 

Greetings AP Research Zero Period:

I have confirmed with Mr. Wolf that two important modifications have been made to this year's AP Research assessment protocol.  

First, there will be NO PRESENTATION element this year.  Sooooo . . .   I have just notified the prospective panelists of this cancellation, and you can now officially remove your April 1/April 4 presentation date from your calendar.  You should immediately stop work on your slides.  Please send me your slides via email right away so I can give you class credit for your work (as previously planned).  I want to stick with today's due date except where special circumstances create issues (just let me know if you need an extension but definitely do not spend any time on slides).  Please do not be concerned with your progress as I plan to be very generous when grading this work.

Second and even more important, the due date for the paper has been moved to 11:59PM EST  May 26, 2020.  Given the advanced state of your papers, I would encourage you to stick with the original April 30 timeline when planning the labor required to complete a quality report (that would be nearly six calendar weeks from now).  Each of you has a different circumstance I'm sure, so I plan to look to you for feedback on the timeframe you personally will pursue.  Know that I'll be here to support you to the end on whatever timeline you choose.  Your papers are leaning exceptional at this late stage and are worth your time to finish with quality and meaning.  When you email me your slides, please indicate the paper completion date you initially plan to pursue (April 30 or otherwise). I understand this initial impression may change given the fluid state of the coming weeks.  In crafting my guidance, it helps to know where you are going and how fast you're trying to get there.

Best of luck and stay safe, Mr. Nelson

ASSESSMENT NOTES: For continuity, the GHC administration has asked teachers to post one and only one grade for each week of remote instruction.  Your first weekly grade will be based on the slide assessment described above and this grade will be posted a couple days after the due date.  As stated in my update email, please do not be concerned with your progress as I plan to be very generous when grading this work.

CAPSTONE CHAT GROUP: Mr. Wolf has set up a group chat hangout for all Capstone students.  The access link was provided in a class email on Monday (3/16).  Providing the access link via email avoids undesired disclosure to unintended viewers.  Let me know if you need me to resend to you individually.


Sample Peer Reviewed Paper - Good Generic Model

Sample Peer Reviewed Paper - Another Good Generic Model

LINKS To AP Research Materials, Assignments, Deadlines

AP Research Skill Overview
Replicable Method & New Understanding

Prerequisite Skills

Statistics Page

Bibliography & Literature Review Materials

Inquiry Proposal Form & PREP


Analysis of Data/Findings

Capstone Academic Research Paper

Presentation & Oral Defense

AP Research Workbook (List of Methods Page 98) 

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LOCSH) On-line Catalog

LOCSH Alphabetical PDF Lists

Vanessa’s Data


HALL OF FAME PAPERS - #5 score places you among the best of the best

Here are the six “5" papers from 2019 as judged by College Board:

Perception of Women in Leadership

By Rachel Feldman 19’ 

Self-Affirmation as a Stress Buffer in High School Student’s Cognitive Ability 

By Denice Higareda, 19'

General Perceived Self-Efficacy and the Struggles of Test Anxiety 

By Gabby Holquin, 19'

The Effects of School Resource Officers on Feelngs of School Connectedness and Safety 

By Stephanie Mier, 19'

Determining the Factors that Influence One’s Opinions on Globalization Within Youth 

By Zareh Shahinian, 19'

Adolescent Exposure to Sad Music 

By Jessica Wong, 19'

Here are the eight “5" papers from 2018 as judged by College Board:

Personality and Tempo: Exploring the Relationship Between Music and Cognition          

By Matthew Bacon, 18'

Gender Differences in Attitudes Towards STEM Among High School Students                    

 By Alexis Bui, 18'

Human Evaluation of Machine Translation  

By Tanvi Kharkar, 18'

Parasocial Relationships: A Study Concerning Adolescents Media Engagement

& Interaction  By Cambria Meadows, 18'

The Acting White Accusation: an examination of academic achievement, perceived educational benefits, and peer influence among high school students  By Success Ufondo, 18’

Relationship Between Factors of Behavior & Length of Stay in Dogs Housed in A No Kill Animal Shelter     

By John Wargowski, 18’

Placebo Sleep and Student Cognition: Examining the Power of Perception           

By Ethan Trunfio, 18’

What are High School Students Attitudes and Opinions Towards Physician Assisted Suicide? 

By Madina Safdari, 18'

Here are five “perfect" scores from 2017 as judged by College Board:

Youth Impulsivity Levels: Disordered Gambling & Substance Absue  By Diane Bui, 17'

A Study of Aesthetics and Hedonics in Photography   By Bria Rosenberg, 17’

Consequences of Texting Behaviors on Teen Romantic Relationships By Goldy Faramarzyan, 17

Paper By Valeria Robles, 17’ Coming Soon.

Here are three other “5" scores from 2017 as judged by College Board:

Effect of Dog Interactions on High School Students Mood & Anxiety - By Anam, 17'

Hope’s Word Use in the Poetry of Anne Saxrton & Sylvia Plath - By Hope Su, 17’

Korean Ethnic Identity & Assimiliation Levels of High School Students in an Ethinically Diverse Calfironia School - By Esther Lee, 17'

Daring Sample Paper Employing A Delphi Research Method

A Study on Societal Attitudes Towards Terraforming Mars  By Nick Turcios, 17’   (BEWARE!!)


Course Introduction Materials

2018-9 AP Research Student Workbook 

2018-9 AP Research Course Two-Page Description

2018-9 AP Research Course & Exam Description Effective 2017

Moving From Preliminary Research To Literature Review

Research Notecard Template (Google Doc)

Mr. Nelson’s Opening Comments

AP Research Advice Highlights Capstone Class of 2017

AP Research Senior Advice To Juniors Excel All Responses

College Board Plagiarism Policy

Falsification & Fabrication 

Data to Paper Graphic Display Overview

Digital Portfolio Account Set-up



 Student Account Set-up Instructions


Resume/LinkedIn Description

AP Seminar and AP Research are two innovative new courses that are at the heart of College Board’s Capstone diploma program.  To receive the Capstone diploma, students must receive a three or higher in both AP Seminar and AP Research, and receive a three or higher on four other AP exams. The Capstone program teaches the broad set of skills required to write publishable, academic research papers.  The following inventories the specific skills that I developed through Capstone.

·             Perform aligned research of peer-reviewed academic literature. 

·             Design research methods that align with past research.

·             Collect data relevant to an aligned research topic.

·             Curate quantitative and qualitative findings and analyze results.

·             Report key findings, conclusions and recommendations for future research.

·             Received a top score of “5 “in AP Seminar, a score attained by only 6% of all course participants.)  (Received a score of “4 “in AP Seminar, ranking in the top quarter of Capstone students worldwide.)


Get a recommendation statement (NOT A LETTER) from your Seminar teacher. 

Everyone in your GBF class endorse you for Research Skills.

FALL FINAL MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS - Students must bring the following items to class on Wednesday, the day of final.  Deductions will be made for missing items.  Thank you.


College Board on Falsification

Sample Oral Defense Presentation Slides

Denise’s Draft Slides

Vanessa’s Draft Slides



Saturday April 13  7:30-11:00AM

7:30am - 9:00am  Denice H, Gabby H, Daniel V

9:00am - 10:30am  Zareh S,  Stephanie M, Evana D

Thursday April 11, 2019 3:30-6:00PM

3:30pm - 5:00pm Dakota E, Aaron C, Victoria D

4:30pm - 6:00pm Angel N, Melia L

Wednesday April 10, 2019 3:30-6:00PM 

3:30pm - 5:00pm  Stacy B, Jessica W., Vanessa F

  4:30pm - 6:00pm  Camille J, David Y


MONDAY Presenters - Dakota, Stephanie

TUESDAY Presenters - Jessica, Rachel

Victoria Thursday Lunch

WEDNESDAY Presenters - David, Evans, Denice

THURSDAY Presenters - Stacy, Gabby, Camille

Zee, Victoria - Thursday Lunch

FRIDAY Presenters - Melia, Daniel, Aaron

Angel - Friday Lunch

AP Research Sample Papers: 

Autoimune Disease

Time for Dinner

Prompt Questions For Assessing Papers Above

Prompts for Assessing Sample Papers

Anam’s Paper - Effect of Dog Interactions on High School Students Mood & Anxiety

Hope’s Paper - Word Use in the Poetry of Anne Saxton & Sylvia Plath

Katie’s Paper - Tear Analysis of Contact Lenses Using A Cell-Phone Based Fluorometric Assay Reader

Esther’s Paper- Korean Ethnic Identity & Assimilation Levels of High School Students in an Ethnically Diverse Californian High School

Diane’s Paper - Youth Impulsivity Levels: Disordered Gambling & Substance Abuse

A Study of Aesthetics and Hedonics in Photography   By Bria Rosenberg, 17’ (See Methods Section)

CONFIDENCE INTERVALS: Algebra 2 Hand-out That Explain Calculation & Interpretation of Confidence Intervals

Financial Incentives & Student Achievement

Ivan’s Monday Class Example

Bria’s Monday Class Example

Statistical Findings Worksheet

Student Sample IPF - Thank You Melissa

Sampling Survey Example: Attitudes Towards the LGBT Community Survey - Thanks to Melissa 

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Purpose of Guide

USC Research Guide - Set of articles that guide first-time students through the research process.

What Librarians Use To Create Research Pathfinders,  Much Thanks To LE Spears  August 2017

Academic Research Databases 




Challenge and Opportunity in Evaluating a Diffusion-Based Active Bystanding Prevention Program: Green Dot in High Schools 

eHow: How to Use the Likert Scale in Statistical Analysis

How To Use Data, Artificial Scales (e.g. Likert)

Jamie’s Survey

Diane’s Survey

Methods Outline Assignment

Processing & Organizing Your Data In Excel Worksheets

Chi Square Tests Example Excel

Solid Khan Video On Chi Suqare Test May Help Some

Survey Outline Example

Example: Final Results

Word Format Outline of Methods Section



Mr. Wolf’s Checklists By Report Section

Mr. Wolf Introduction Checklist

Mr. Wolf  Methods Checklist

Mr. Wolf Findings, Analysis, Results Checklist

Mr. Wolf Conclusion Checklist

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