Categorical Data Analysisis:

Displaying & Describing Categorical Data:  A chapter describing many types of graphic displays that a well suited for categorical variables.  


Statistical Scaffolds:  These scaffolds will help organize your data analysis in a written communications of center, shape, spread and outliers.

Describing A Population Distribution

Comparing Two Population Distributions

Bias in Survey Sampling: "In survey sampling, bias refers to the tendency of a sample statistic to systematically over- or under-estimate a population parameter."  (Source:  This hand-out extracts discussions of bias from two perspectives (the other source is Source:  All statistical studies have some bias.  Statisticians seek to minimize bias where their goal is to be objective.  Other statistical assignments seek to create predictable bias in the collection of data.  All consumers must be prepared to recognize bias and understand its presence is connected  to  the design of an observational study or experiment.  For testing purposes, concentrate on matching the correct type of bias where present.  Students should be able to decide whether the bias created a predictable bias   

Statistical Applet Links:   Applets provide an excellent hands-on tool for learning statistics.

Statistics Movies: In the late 1980s, Annenberg/CPB created “Against All Odds”, a series of 26 movies teaching introductory statistics.  Some of the hair styles and clothes are a bit dated, but the author of our textbook believes this series remains a good instructional supplement. Each movie is 27 minutes long with about two minutes of credits and preview.  PC users may need to download some updates for Windows media player.  Mac users will need a recent version of Safari and Flip4Mac. 

If you want to watch just a portion of a movie, this link will allow you to see more detail of the content available within each movie. Keywords describing the applications are given in italics. Keywords describing the statistical concepts covered are in times roman. 

Big Data in Education: Course Video Lectures

Normal Curves From Math Is Fun


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