Using Excel 2010 & The Normal Distribution

On Thursday, we  reviewed calculating probability from normal population and sampling distributions.  We learned how to draw a normal curve using Excel, and then shade a given probability region.  This Excel workbook was examined in class.  Its  six worksheets sequentially guide students through the process of drawing a normal curve with Excel, shading a probability region, and fully labeling the resulting diagram.. 

Drawing A Normal Distribution And Shading A Probability Region

For those who do not have access to Excel 2010 at home, the following series of PDFs reproduce the six instructional worksheets.

???????   PDF #1               PDF #2              PDF#3              PDF #4              PDF #5              PDF#6


Project #1 Instructions: Students will create two displays that graphically communicate: 

(1)  The characteristics of the distribution (center, shape, and spread), and 

(2) Probability as a shaded region.  This region would reflect the portion of the normally shaped sample set that matches a given event described in an inequality statement.  

Grading of this project will consider: 

Proper Mechanics (70%+/-); and 

Creativity/Aesthetics That Enhance Communication (30%+/-)  

Grading Worksheet

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