Here's the class example.   Sample Project #2 Part One

Here are the standards discussed & listed on the board.

* Different color/texture/picture for Chart Area, Plot Brea and Bars.

* Chart Title must identify comapny name and time period (if time is relevant)

* Axis Title must be added to vertical axis; name of the variable (e.g. "NET SALES") should be all caps, larger font and bold; unit of comparison (e.g. $Millions) should be included with smaller font and not in bold.

* Exactly five Axis Labels should be shown with $ sign or other appropriate designation included.

* Adjust maximum so tallest bar nearly reaches top of Plot Area, and adjust minimum so shortest bar fills only 1/4 of plot area height.

* Font size for Category Labels (e.g. 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 in class example) should be increased and made bold.

* Outside edges of chart should be made 3-D, have a lot of glow and have an easily visible solid border (increase  4 point size).

* All Bars must have Data Labels.  Increase the font size, make bold, fill the text box with a bright color, add 3-D and glow.

* Give one Data Label a distinguishing look.

* All Bars should be 3-D and have a visible border.

* Put a Frame around the "original" display before posting into Word.

* Identify by ONLY Student ID and period number.

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