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**Fitbit CEO Interviewed By Jim Cramer

The Quantified Self: Data Gone Wild?   Take a look at these new technologies that allow people to keep track and quantify every detail of their daily lives.  It's a growing movement called “quantified self.”  The personal data gathered is often health-related, but there are applications to measure productivity and time spent in REM sleep. Is this data gone wild?  Mr. Nelson believes its just the beginning of a generational shift in the use of BIG DATA.

"Quantified Self" Presentation On Weight Loss Strategies  Matthew Ames is a communications manager for a multinational bank and a member of the "Quantified Self" movement.  At the end of 2012, he had a problem: he was about 50 pounds overweight.  To reach his weight loss goals, Ames credits using apps and devices--like Weight Watchers and a wi-fi scale--to track his diet, behavior, and exercise regimen. 

The New PE Curriculum: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Physical Fitness By Roberta Furger

David McCandless' "Snake Oil Supplements?"


                 Joel Selanikio: The Surprising Seeds of a Big-Data Revolution in Healthcare

Collecting global health data was an imperfect science: Workers tramped through villages to knock on doors and ask questions, wrote the answers on paper forms, then input the data — and from this gappy information, countries would make huge decisions. Data geek Joel Selanikio talks through the sea change in collecting health data in the past decade — starting with the Palm Pilot and Hotmail, and now moving into the cloud. (Filmed at TEDxAustin.)

Doctors Are Addressing Big Data Challenges Using Watson

**Big Data At Stanford Medicine

Big Data and UCLA Tackle Brain Trauma

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