Bivariate Data Analysis

WELCOME PARENTS & GUARDIANS!!  You are a partner in the educational process.  I invite parent participation, and strongly encourage your inquiries and comments.  Whether it is to discuss your student's performance or to offer suggestions for the course design, these communications always benefit me as a teacher.  Your direct input will help make Business Statistics better, but you'll find opportunities to contribute even if we never speak. 

In Busines Statistics, students are expected to expand their learning beyond the  classroom and myself.  Parents are one outside source, particularly when we are working on financial literacy and Excel skills.  I actively look for assignments that promote collaboration between parents and student.  Expect they will teach you a few things over the course of the semester. 

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2016-7 Business Statistics Course Syllabus

TRUST BUT VERIFY.   Business Statistics is a project driven class where projects are considered as a formal assessment.  Think of them as take home tests.  Missed projects or poor efforts can lead to a student not passing the course.  Missed assignments will also have a significant impact on your student's final grade.  

Traditional tests are limited to a couple midterms and one final per semester.  This  portion of the formal assessment process can prove difficult for some students.  In designing tests, I am very transparent.  Students generally take quizzes that closely simulate the question design of questions that appear on midterms and finals.

Business Statistics is committed to differentiating instruction so ALL students have the opportunity to  learn this important content.  I offer after school tutoring for both project and test preparation.  Mnay course materials have been designed to challenge the most promising students to achieve at a high level while maintaining content accessibility and support for weaker math students.

Business Statistics homework should take about 20-30 minutes per night on average, but as a project driven class, expect that this workload will not be evenly spread out over the course of the week.  Workloads will be uneven from week to week.  Even when no homework is due the next day, the student should be working on pending projects and/or preparing for periodic tests.  Procrastination and senioritis are the greatest impediments to students maximizing their grade potential.  

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