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What is Statistics?


Three Pizza Slices Share Something About  You Today Or In The Past: These slices can incorporate your political or spiritual beliefs, say something about your friends and what friendship means to you, describe hobbies and/or sports that you participate in, introduce some or all of your family members and tell us something about your relationship with them, brag about proud accomplishments in or out of school, tell something about a part-time job ETC ETC ETC.  THERE ARE NO REAL LIMITS HERE SO BE CREATIVE.  THINK OUT OF THE BOX!!!!  

One Pizza Slice Describes Your Life Right After Graduation: This slice will provide one insight into your life after you graduate.  It might give a view of your dream college, future college dorm room, a job you plan to start afer graduation, a future area of study, or maybe you just declare what the independence of adulthood means to you.

One Pizza Slice Describes Your Life In Your Middle Age Years (Your Parent's Age): This slice will provide one insight into your life in your middle age years.  Imagine how you want your life to be in those years  (married?, children?, career?, where will you live? etc.)    

One Pizza Slice Describes Your Life In Your Retirement Years (Your Grandparent's Age): This slice will provide one insight into your life in your retirement years.  Imagine how you want your life to be in those years  (Will you still work?, Will you be laying on a beach somewhere?, What would you like to do with your grandchildren?, Do you plan on being financially secure, and how will that security manifest itself?)  

Four Heritage Circles: Present your ancestry and/or cultural roots. These connections can include ethnic and religous influences.  Flags and maps are a nice start, but the best pizzas say something about what this ancestry means to you.  


Inventory of Math Symbols: Use this resource with lots of math symbols - some you know, some you forgot, and some new to you altogether.  

Glossary of Statistics Terms: Remember you must use at least four statistical terms in your pizza. Check out this textbook glossary with lots of statistics terms - a few you know, but most will be new to you.  Remember you don't have use the term in its statistical context.  You can substitute a graphic display (pie chart, box plot, dot plot, bar chart etc.) in place of a term.

Personal Heritage Pizza Grading Sheets:  On the first page of this sheet, fill in the symbols used in your PHP.  Be sure to total the score.  Your final pizza will be checked against the submiited scoring sheet, so don't fib.  Any discrepanices will result in a significant penalty.  The symbol counts will account for about 15% of the final score.  Message will count about 30%, creativity will count about 20%, heritage circles will count about 20%, and color will count about 15%.

Student Grading Guidelines: Here's a copy of the instructions that student committees will be given for ranking PHP submissions.  Reading these short guidelines will help you focus your creative energy.

Personal Heritage Pizza (PHP) Website:  Examine  freshmen work here.  Not recommended as good samples for this submission.

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