When you click on this link, the log in window opens.  Click on the download tab, to access the file link that needs to be downloaded.  Its the only link shown on that page. 



Past experience offers the following suggestions when having log in problems.

PC Users - Always use Internet Explorer to access vWorkspace. 

ALL USERS -It is important to log out twice when you finish using vWorkspace.  First log out of the school's server window just like when you are at school.  Then log out of the log in window, look in the upper right hand corner of the screen for the log out tab.  If you don't see the log out tab, click on the log in tab and the log out tab will likely appear.    

If you don't log out properly, you will have trouble logging in the next time you want to use vWokspace.  If you have trouble logging in, click on the log out tab.  Then try again to log in.  (That's enough logs to build a cabin.)

Mac Users - vWorkspace is READY FOR THE MAC HEADS!!  Use Safari as the browser to access vWorkspace.  Download the program and proceed to log in.   For owners of newer macs, note that the program may open in another desktop.  

Here's your assignment (worth 30 points).  On a sheet of notebook paper, neatly answer the following questions.  All questions should be answered:  Yes or No.  If no, describe the problem and take a screen shot of any error messages. 

#1 - Were you able to download the program successfully?    

#2 - Are you able to log onto this downloaded site using your school ID and password? 

#3 - Can you open Excel 2010 while on the site?

#4 - Can you open Word while on the site?

#5 - Can you open Internet Explorer while on the site?

#6 - While on Interner Explorer, access the Business Statistics web site and click on this link  Answers EXCEL Spreadsheet  .  6A. Does it open?  6B. Can you open the function (formula) boxes to review the inputs used in calculating present values, payments and future values?     

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