HIGHLIGHT ONE: Excel is used daily in lieu of calculators.

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NEW CERTICATION PROGRAM: Certifications provide employers proof of your Excel proficiency, and can be a major advantage for students seeking entry-level employment and internships in a wide array of fields.  Business Statistic students have the option of becoming certified as a “Microsoft Office Specialist” in Excel.  In the normal course of class work, students learn the Excel skills required to become a certified specialist.  Optional on-line practice tests prepare students for the certification exam, while earning course credit that can boost their grade. Practice materials and certification are provided to all students AT NO COST.  Click here for more details on the certification program.

EMPLOYMENT ADVANTAGES: Excel is fast becoming one of the most critical computer skills required in professions as diverse as education to engineering to agriculture to medicine.  Go to most high schools and you'll find Excel is the forgotten component of Microsoft Office.  Yet Google "value of excel skills in the workplace" and you'll find countless applications of this omnipresent program in the workplace.  Business Statistics begins with most students having had little experience with Excel.  Through graduated instruction and consistent daily use of this program, all students end their year with a basic working knowledge of Excel. Many students attain much higher levels of proficiency.  As of August 5, 2012, CareerBuilders.com reported 51,691 jobs available under the category of "Excel Jobs".   

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