Pepperdine University Summer 2013 Professional Development Teacher and Student Creativity, Collaboration and Digital Media Authoring for Mathematics and Science Learning

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This workshop has garnered a great deal of enthusiasm from participating teachers in its first three years. The workshop focus is a blend of using digital media tools to create classroom-usable short videos (usually mathematics or science) and other digital media that align with curriculum standards and that can be shared with other teachers. We use a range of materials from the National Science Foundation Digital Library, screen capture video (Camtasia), tablet computers for mathematical writing, and other software. Pilot testing, supported by the US Department of Education, has shown this approach, which nurtures teacher creativity while building pedagogical and mathematical content skills, to be a highly promising and individualized approach to professional development.  Visit for more details.

In summer 2013, four Business Statistics students were chosen to participate in this summer institute.  These students created instructional videos in collaboration with Mr. Nelson, Dr. Hamilton and other helpful staff members.  Students earned $10 per hour, and added an incredible experience to their resumes and college applications. Click here to share the fruits of their labor, and to hear about their experiences in their own words. 


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