2011-2 Portfolio of Student Work 2011-12:

Learn from students who have walked before you.

Hits of 2011-2012: These pdfs highlight some of the superior work from Business Statistics' inaugural year.  It is not the greatest hits, but rather a sampling of submissions from students of varying math proficiencies.  Some of these students received a final grade of A, some got Bs, while still others had a C at end of the sping semester.  What these items all share was a high level of engagement with the subject matter, an integration of different content skills, an attention to detail, and a demonstrated understanding of how the statistics and finance are applied in the real world.  The precision of their analysis was generally what separated A students from C students.

Financial Literacy          Stock Market Assignments          Take Home Final          Sampling Surveys             Inferential Analysis   

Personal Heritage Pizzas: These samples were selected to inspire student creativity.  They are not the "best" submissions, and many of the posted pizzas did not receive an "A".  If you are grade conscious, then you should pay close attention to the grade guidelines presented in class.  

Class Rank GPA Calculator: Business Statistic students developed this Excel applet that our counseling office.  It was  used to calculate grade point averages for determination of class rank.   Another example of real need generating an opportunity for real learning with higher thinking skills.

Executive Summary Reports: Students describe and compare population distributions.  These written communications integrate their newly acquired statistical skills with literacy skills.    

Student Piracy Attitudes Graphical Report: Student leaders study student views on piracy, and quantify its prevelance in the GHCHS student community.  These results were shared with a wide range of entertainment industry professionals.

Student Communication Peferences Graphical Report: Student leaders study their fellow student's preferred modes of school communiction.  GHCHS webmaster considered this feedback valuable in his future site development efforts.  Other school administrators found data on student use of social media helpful in designing a program of alumni marketing.

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