Prerequisite Skills

Thank Your AP Seminar Teachers!! 

Mr. Tucker and Ms. Kleinberg Rock!!

Bridging AP Seminar to AP Research (College Board Traning Powerpoint 2015)

LOCSH Examples

Mr. Nelson Lecture  Continuing Your Capstone Journey - Researching Your Passions 2019

Writing An Introduction Video #1 

Writing An Introduction Video #2 (Play First)

Powerpoint: Being An Effective Communicator 

Powerpoint TED Talk Video 

FIVE RECOMMENDATIONS (Must be present in your five slides due week of October 23-27).  Students should use dark backgrounds as recommneded in the TED Talk.

#1 - One Message Per Slide

#2 - Avoid sentences

#3 - Use Size To Draw Attention of Audience* 

#4 Control Focus Using Contrast** 

#5 - Never more than six objects

(*Moving objects and red, yellow and orange also draw attention of audience.)

(**Use Built in Contrast Feature of Powerpoint)

Paraphrasing Lesson Materials 

Learn Paraphrase Writing - Basic presentation of six strategies commonly employed in paraphrasing text.  Courtesy of 

That’s Plagiarism?: Teaching Paraphrase Skills to Pre-university Students -  Strategies for paraphrasing. Courtesy 

How to Avoid Plagiarism: Paraphrasing and Summarizing Short interactive lesson that provides feedback on students’ assessment of whether a paraphrase is acceptable or would be plagiarism.  May have issues on school’s servers.  Courtesy 

Stop, Thief! Avoiding Plagiarism by Paraphrasing Video connects plagiarism and the need to learn how to paraphrase.  Emphasizes two steps of paraphrasing - summarizing the main idea of a source, and using a 1/3 to 2/3 rule.  Courtesy Emily Nimsakont

Powerpoint Advice: Funny Video On What Not To Do

Having Fun With Quizlets 

Official Capstone Vocabulary 

Logical Fallacies

Rhetorical/Language Devices

Deep Reading Strategies

Adler's Four Reading Strategies  (As presented by

Adler On Why So Long To Read A Book

Adler On How To Speak And Listen

Adler On Picking A Book Above Your Head


Presentation Tips

Six Great Videos On Teaching Critical Thinking



SAMPLE Individual Research Reports (IWA)

Performance Task Two

SAMPLE Individual Research Reports (IRR)

IRR #1 Health problems & Classroom Technologies (4,6)

IRR #2 Nuclear Energy (4)

IRR #4 Politics & Overpopulation Highlighted (4,6)

IRR#5 Ecoterrorism (6) 

IRR #6 Economic Implications of Media Bias (4,6)

IRR #7 Mishandling of Sexual Assault Cases (4,6)

SAMPLE Written Team Research Reports (WTR)

WTR#1 Legalizing Theft In America (6)

WTR #2 Genetic Engineering (4)

WTR #4 Sir Veilance (6)

WTR #5 Genetically Modified Food (4)

WTR #7 Ticking Time Bomb Ocean Acidification (6,4)

WTR#8 College Admissions Highlighted (4,

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