Statistical Applets

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Practice of Statistics Applets: These applets are provided on the website of the publisher of the AP textbook, The Practice of Statistics.  Each one offers an opprotunity to learn through discovery.  We will be referring to many of them in class.


                    Mean and Median                          One Variable Statistics Calculator                          Normal Density Curve          

       Two Variable Statistics Calculator                             Probability                                              Correlation & Regression                 


              Simple Random Sample                                   Expected Value                                             Confidence Interval                  

                 Test of Significance                                       One-way ANOVA                                         Statistical Significance        

                          Power                                          P Value of a Test of Significance          CLT Normal Approximation to Sample Mean

                                                            CLT Normal Approximation to Binomial Distributions

Rossman/Chance Applet Collection: These applets are provided on  Listed below are the applets which I found easiest to use, and that offer the most bang for your time investment.  Some of these applets are somewhat similar to those provided by the publishers of our textbook. 


                   Histogram Bin Width                          Dot Plot Summaries                             Guess the Correlation

               Least Squares Regression      


        Sampling Distribution Simulations                  Reese’s Pieces                                      Sampling Pennies

                           Coin Tossing                        Simulations Using a Deck of Cards                 Friendly Observers

                          Dolphin Study                                     Yawning Study                                       Two-way Table


Larry Green Inference Procedure Selection Applet:   Check your ability To choose the appropriate Inference Procedure.  Excellent for A.P. Statistics exam preparation.                  


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